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5 comments is a complete waste of time. Not for the website.

I imagine the website is making big bucks USING ladies. Yes, the men make huge monetary offers. Yes, the men have to pay huge fees to "unlock" the dates. But for the ladies?

Nothing. In the first couple of weeks I racked up $5000 worth of dates. Then none of them actually went out with me so I did not recieve one penny.

It was weeks of work writing back and forth with men for nothing. The website gets paid every time you write someone, but you just get used.

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People need to stay out of other people's business and bedroom! These are consenting adults entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement knowing full well what is expected from the other.

Is it prostitution or escorting? Yes, absolutely. Prostitution is the oldest profession. Even Jesus had a close friend who was a ***.

If men want to throw away their money on a soulless succubus who will jump ship the minute the money, houses, cars, exotic trips etc that is their choice. Conversely if a woman wants to sell her "assets" off while she still has them to be used as status symbols, arm candy and flesh and blood sex toys all the while knowing full well that as the years and days go by she could be replaced with a younger prettier version of herself that's her choice. No government, organization, entity or person has the right to judge or interfere with consenting adults choice's. Simple as that.

Oh and quit blaming only men or this Brandon Wade.

It takes two to Tango as they say.

If women didn't put themselves out there using there beauty, sensuality and sexuality and the unspoken but clearly implied and expected reward of sex the site wouldn't exist. Men may be using the women for their beauty and sex but the women are using the men for their money.

#557571 is a marketplace. That means it works just like the STOCK MARKET, based on the supply and demand.

If you are a beautiful girl, you will get offers and the guys will unlock dates with you. If you are not attractive, you are not going to get much results.

But that is precisely how the website is suppose to work. And since ATTRACTIVE female members NEVER have to pay to join or use the website, I am perplexed by your complaint to begin with.

If you are not getting enough dates, perhaps you should consider improving your profile, improving your photos, or perhaps look at how you can become more "in demand".

Our website works very well, just check out the TESTIMONIAL section of the website to see hundreds of happy users who have found love.

Brandon Wade

Founder & CEO

PS: As for the guys, expect to hear from my lawyers soon. Our concept is patent pending.


I think they're both scam. Comment 2 sounds like sales pitch from cleverdate and comment 1 sounds like whatsyourprice writing it to keep the business. Dirty business haha.


Hi Christopher! I mean Christy haha.

Yes, you folks at have a very good money making idea. I don't blame you for opening another website called But ladies are far smarter than you think. Sure, you'll rip off a few 18 year olds who don't know anyhing about the world yet and yes, their money is green too.

But luckily most women would not risk their lives meeting strangers in hopes that the man would tell that they were happy with the date. I'm sure will ask men if the girl showed up so they can get what they want, lie and say the girl never showed, then recieve a refund. If the girl got lucky enough to get paid, I'm sure you take out a huge fee. Ladies, "Christy" is a man who doesn't care about your safety or well being.

If you are going to use do not allow to take a cut of your money! Meet men at restaurants that have valet parking ONLY. Instruct your date that he is to have 50% of the agreed upon amount and hand it to you as soon as you are seated at a table. Then they are to pay the other 50% at the end of the date.

Either way you have several men (valet parking guys) waiting outside to bring you your car and ensure your safety. And hey, Christopher, you guys at have a great idea but you are getting too greedy and making money off of only *** people. If you had any sense you would offer women a cut of the money you collect on dates. To keep it lucrative for everyone and not just the ***.

Your effort to go too far and try to use women for their time and graces then try to rip them off for their money too will be your downfall. Then your Hummer will go back to the car lot haha.


You should try instead.

I recently participated in their beta group testers and they actually ask how you wish to get paid -- Select 'Upfront' and the guy will have to pay for the date on itself, which you get paid as soon as the date's done. Guy will show up because he has already paid for it. launches next week from what I know.

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